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Bankia hosts first orchestral music season in region of Valencia as part of the Bankia Listens to Valencia project

07 May 2018

Category: Sponsorship

  • Concerts form part of the Bankia Listens to Valencia (Bankia escolta València) being run by the financial institution in partnership with the Valencian Institute of Culture and the Valencian Federation of Musical Societies (FSMCV)
  • The programme involves the orchestras who took part in the two editions of the Bankia Orchestra Competition and they will perform 12 concerts in various towns across the three provinces

Bankia has partnered with the Valencian Federation of Musical Societies (FSMCV) and the Valencian Institute of Culture to host the first Bankia orchestral music season in the region of Valencia.

The concerts are part of the Bankia Listens to València programme along with other initiatives such as the Illuminated Music (Música a la llum) scholarship programme for students at FSMCV music schools and the Bankia Musical Talent Awards.

The Bankia orchestral music season will give a boost to orchestras across Valencia and support social development by recognising people and institutions running national and international projects of excellence in different fields of music.

The orchestra of the La Primitiva Musical Society from the town of Rafelbunyol – winners of the first edition of the Bankia Orchestra Competition in the Salvador Giner category – will kick off the season of concerts.

The other concerts will be held in the towns of Cullera, Segorbe, Godella, Alaquàs, Sollana, Buñol, San Juan, Alboraia, Cullera, Xàtiva and Catarroja between now and December.

Concert dates are available here: bankiaescoltavalencia.

Each orchestra will be paid 1,000 euros for their performance, encouraging them to come together regularly and offer concerts throughout the year.

Bankia’s corporate director for Valencia, Jaime Casas, said that “this initiative is an indication of the commitment and dedication of Bankia and the other institutions to support Valencian orchestras and help them enhance the artistic quality of their work and nurture the involvement of our excellent string players”.

FSMCV president, Pedro Rodríguez, shared this sentiment, stating that “the orchestra activity of our musical societies deserves the utmost support”. “The FSMCV will therefore always back any initiatives that can channel and enhance this effort,” he pointed out.

Assistant director of popular music and culture, Marga Landete, meanwhile, said that “the Bankia Listens project aims to keep musical society orchestras alive and is another initiative that helps ensure they continue to perform over the year”.

Bankia's orchestral music season is a major contribution to cultural development given the high quality of the participating orchestras, who will bring their music to all four corners of the Autonomous Community of Valencia.

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