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Bankia organizes competition to develop real use cases based on blockchain technology

05 March 2018

Category: Business

  • Participants will have 19 days to develop ideas in different verticals such as finance, the Internet of things, insurance, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and others
  • Persons interested in the competition may sign up at from today Friday until 11 March
  • Bankia will allow them to work on the Stockmind platform to develop use cases even without the need for an expert in blockchain programming
  • The three best solutions will receive cash prizes and the winner will be given the opportunity to work with Bankia to develop his or her solution

Bankia has called a competition to develop real use cases based on blockchain technology.

Participants will have 19 days to develop innovative ideas in different verticals: finance, insurance, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, sustainability, health, marketplaces, logistics and the Internet of things.

Bankia will put its Stockmind platform at their disposal to allow them to develop use cases without even needing an expert in blockchain programming.

The Stockmind platform was created by the Bankia Innovation unit to allow simple management of digital tokens that represent different assets.

"We are looking to provide opportunities for those blockchain enthusiasts who want to see how far they can go with this technology, while at the same time stimulating them with new challenges", explains Ignacio Cea, corporate head of Technological Innovation and Strategy at Bankia.

"The goal of the competition is to generate use cases for the different verticals, using the Stockmind platform, which will allow them to 'tokenise' any type of asset", Cea adds.

How to register?

Persons interested in the contest can register at as from today Friday until this coming 11 March.

A jury of experts will select the three best solutions submitted and they will receive cash prizes: cards worth 1,000, 750 and 500 euros for the first, second and third picks.

In April they will all present the idea they have developed at the offices of Bankia Fintech by Innsomia in Valencia, the first fintech incubator and accelerator in Spain. The winner will be given the chance to work with Bankia to develop his or her solution.

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