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Bankia Red Solidaria funds “Frailty Awareness”, a programme at Getafe University Hospital to raise awareness of the frailty syndrome in elderly people

03 November 2017

Category: Social Action

  • A simulation suit reproduces ageing-related restrictions of sensory and motor abilities
  • The awareness campaign will be carried out between October 2017 and the end of 2018

The Biomedical Research Foundation at Getafe University Hospital is launching a campaign to increase awareness of frailty in elderly people. The campaign, to be conducted between October 2017 and the end of 2018, is funded by Bankia Red solidaria, which is part of the bank's CSR policy, under the banner "Bankia en Acción".

The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of old age and the limitations it entails, stimulating empathy among younger generations and encouraging greater involvement.

For this programme, the hospital's Biomedical Research Foundation has a simulator suit that reproduces the ageing-related restrictions of sensory and motor abilities, such as difficulties in walking and loss of grip strength, which result in an increase in mental stress and growing insecurity of movement.

Ageing is a physiological process that does not have to entail functional or mental deterioration or dependency. However, it is often associated with dependency and an attendant loss of quality of life.

Through prevention and treatment, the onset of frailty - which is a syndrome associated with old age that puts the individual in a situation of vulnerability when faced with any stress factor - can be avoided or delayed.

For that to happen, it is vital that young people and society in general become more aware of the limitations our elders have to cope with in their day-to-day lives and of the importance of helping them delay the onset of disability and so improve their quality of life.

The awareness campaign will also help to stimulate interest in the phenomenon of frailty and in the prevention of frailty among our elders and those who play a key role in ensuring their wellbeing (relatives, informal carers, health professionals, etc.). It will be accompanied by a variety of frailty prevention initiatives (e.g., screening and pre-diagnosis of frailty in elderly people), which the research unit of the Getafe University Hospital foundation intends to put into effect in 2018-2020, in collaboration with the hospital's geriatric area.

Red Solidaria Bankia

Red Solidaria is an innovative project by Bankia which links the bank's Social Action policy with the achievement of the goals set by its branch network. In Red Solidaria, employees are responsible for promoting and selecting the social projects, carried out by NGOs or non-profit foundations, that they consider most necessary and that are close to their places of work or their homes.

En Acción, Bankia's social footprint, is the brand that identifies all the bank's social projects targeted at employment, education, housing, rural development, disability and social sponsorship. It conveys Bankia's commitment to society, aimed at achieving a positive impact based on the values of credibility and closeness.

Health Week in Getafe

The programme's first activity will take place as part of the Health Week organized by Getafe City Council.

In the tent that will be set up in Getafe's Plaza de la Constitución from 11:00 to 14:00 on October 20, visitors will be able to try out the GERonTological Simulator, known as GERT. GERT allows young people to experience the typical limitations experienced by older people.

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